PARIS, FRANCE - APRIL 11: Dario Argento attends "Vortex" premiere at Cinema Max Linder on April 11, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
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Alfred Hitchcock's Humor Influenced Dario Argento Just As Much As His Horror
Alfred Hitchcock is remembered for his horror, but the world-famous director also had a wicked sense of humor. Dario Argento was inspired by Hitch's talent for horror and hilarity and adopted his style so well that he even earned the nickname "the Italian Hitchcock" from the New York Times.
Like Hitchcock’s, Argento's comedic sensibility is very twisted and singular; both directors found comedy in the macabre, with their work striking a very particular tone. For example, Hitchcock's "Rope” and Argento’s "Deep Red” feature many unsettling yet hilarious moments.
"Rope" centers around a murderous duo often in the throes of comedic bickering, and Argento sprinkles lots of unsettling yet hilarious moments in "Deep Red." One such scene features a murder suspect dangling from an inattentive garbageman's truck, impaled by its hook.
"I like that kind of British humor; it's a very refined sort of humor," Argento explained, adding, “I want the humor in my movies to be like that, kind of classy.” Hitch's signature charm and suspense have influenced the entire horror genre, but Argento's work does justice to the OG.