circa 1960:  Alfred Hitchcock (1899 - 1980), British film director.  (Photo by Baron/Getty Images)
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Alfred Hitchcock's 20 Best Films Ranked
20. Dial M for Murder
In “Dial M for Murder,” Grace Kelly plays a wealthy socialite who's having an affair with a crime writer, Mark Halliday (Robert Cummings). Plans go awry when her husband, Tony (Ray Milland), discovers the affair, and he hatches an elaborate plan to have her killed so that he can inherit her money.
19. Foreign Correspondent
This espionage thriller, set in Europe on the brink of World War II, follows John Jones, who is sent from the U.S. to Europe to report on the escalating tensions. Like all the best Hitchcock films, there is a romantic undercurrent, as Jones falls immediately in love with Carol Fisher and proposes to her during a dramatic storm at sea.
18. The Trouble with Harry
Four unconnected residents of a small Vermont town are all convinced that they have caused the death of Harry, a body found lying in the hills nearby. "The Trouble with Harry" was the first collaboration between Hitchcock and composer Bernard Hermann, and the score keeps the tone fast-paced and light-hearted.
17. Lifeboat
"Lifeboat" is filled with devastatingly heart-breaking characters, including a suicidal woman whose baby has died, and a sweet-hearted man (William Bendix) who must have his leg amputated. The acting is impressively understated across the board, and it has a real emotional impact.
16. Marnie
"Marnie" explores PTSD, repressed memories, and childhood trauma, as well as a woman's desire to escape her life before emotional entanglements get too deep. Both Marnie and Mark are morally complex — they're not two likable heroes, and right until the very end it's not clear if it's better for them to be together or apart.