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Alexandra Daddario Only Saw True Detective As A Way To Pad Her Resume
In a 2021 interview with Collider, Alexandra Daddario recalled what a boost “True Detective” was to her career, which was surprising to her since she felt it was just another gig.
When Daddario took the role of Lisa in “True Detective,” a young court stenographer and Detective Hart’s mistress, she expected nothing, as she just played “the other woman.”
Daddario admitted she just wanted to put a different kind of role in her filmography. When asked about her career intentions for playing Lisa, Daddario was frank.
She shared, “I thought I need something on my résumé that shows that I can do something different [...] I just thought it would look good on my résumé.”
Daddario concluded, “And then, of course, that episode aired [...] and all of a sudden, everyone in town wanted to meet with me, and then I booked ‘San Andreas.’”