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Alex Hirsch Wishes He'd Done More With One Specific Gravity Falls Character
One of Disney’s most beloved shows in recent years, “Gravity Falls” is a clever and spooky sci-fi mystery that follows the Pines twins as they explore the supernatural events that take place in the titular town. The series is filled with interesting and lovable characters, but creator Alex Hirsch wishes he spent more time on one main cast member.
“If I ever told more Gravity Falls stories, I’d probably use that chance to get to know Wendy a little bit better as a character,” said Hirsch. The laid-back teenager Wendy, who works at Grunkle Stan's Mystery Shack, often pushed herself beyond the simple cool-girl archetype, but she received less screen time and focus compared to the rest of the cast.
Hirsch added, “Wendy is probably a character who I didn’t get to do as much with, like we never did a full episode about Wendy — and it wasn’t for lack of trying. We tried to crack a few of them in the process of writing and none of them quite worked.” Budget and schedule limitations also prevented Hirsch from giving every character a moment in the spotlight.