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Alan Ritchson Has Not, Will Not Watch Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher Films
Hollywood movie magic can accomplish many feats, from creating extraordinary creatures and effects to the mundane tasks of making someone taller.
When Tom Cruise was cast to star in the two “Jack Reacher” movie adaptations, fans of the novels were skeptical, given the character is described as an imposing, muscular figure.
Alan Ritchson now stars as a more book-accurate version of the titular hero in “Reacher,” and though they played the same character, the actor has never seen Cruise’s iteration.
Ritchson shared, “Those were just movies that I missed, and when I got involved [in the show], I just decided I didn’t want to risk picking up any of the choices that he made.”
The actor praised Cruise’s past performances and added, “I revere his work. I think it would be inevitable that I’d try and steal something of his because he’s so good.”
Regardless of his reasoning for not wanting to see Cruise’s “Jack Reacher” movies, Ritchson is a closer embodiment of author Lee Child’s vision of the character.