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Akira Toriyama Had One Rule For Dragon Ball Super's Broly Redesign
When the “Dragon Ball” series returned with a new manga and anime titled “Dragon Ball Super,” it gave the chance for Broly, a fan-favorite non-canonical villain from the classic movies, to find new life. The “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” movie introduced a rebooted version of the Saiyan to the series — though “Dragon Ball” creator Akira Toriyama gave one rule for the redesign.
Animation supervisor Naohiro Shintani said, “Toriyama had stated that he didn’t want him to be overly macho, so I aimed to make him look as huge as possible, yet still within the confines of not going overboard with it.” Toriyama wanted to tone down Broly’s original design, which was that of a Hulk-like figure that towered over other characters.
The character’s redesign was more than aesthetic, as Toriyama wanted to give Broly a tragic origin and leave the possibility for him to become good. Shintani elaborated, “In the past, Broly was nothing but a dangerous guy (laughs). But this time, there are scenes that humanize him. This Broly is different from his previous incarnation, and I hope he becomes popular in his own right.”