American actor Adam West poses in Batman costume
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Adam West's Frantic Batman Performance Was All Because Of Some Itchy Tights
The 1966 TV series "Batman," starring Adam West and Burt Ward, is a rare gem that can be appreciated by viewers of all ages. West and Ward's deadpan comedy delivery and energetic willingness to perform silly yet dangerous stunts were so vital to the show's success that it's difficult to imagine anyone else playing their roles.
However, according to Les Daniels' 1999 book "Batman: The Complete History," West's on-screen energy resulted from the itchy tights of his full-body costume. The skintight costume irritated his skin, but the actor saw the discomfort as an opportunity, as it kept him moving around and gave his character a frantic energy.
Still, West didn't have it nearly as bad as Ward, who received unusual "shrinking" pills from the producers to make his amply-sized genitals less pronounced for TV. Ward mentioned the incident in his 1995 autobiography "Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights" and revealed that he stopped taking the unnamed pills, fearing for his fertility.