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Actors We'd Love To See In The Heat 2 Movie
Robert De Niro's Neil
Finding someone to fill De Niro's shoes is a tall order. However, Bradley Cooper has made quite the career out of being both handsome and understated, while also having range. Cooper is the right age, has the look, and certainly has the chops to do it.
Al Pacino's Vincent
If there is one man that can capture Pacino-in-his-prime energy, it's Oscar Isaac. Heck, this man already channeled Pacino in "A Most Violent Year." Apologies to Mr. Pacino, but his preferred choice, Timothée Chalamet, is just a bit too young.
Val Kilmer's Chris
Finding someone to imitate Kilmer would be a fool's errand. What you need is someone who has an energy that is a little tough to pin down and could properly interpret the role. Jeremy Allen White, who has delivered great performances in "Shameless" and the wildly underseen "The Rental" seems up to the task.
Jon Voight's Nate
From "Man of Steel" to "Knives Out" and everything in between, Michael Shannon has proved to be one of the most compelling actors working today, capable of doing almost anything while having that magnetism that is hard to define. If anyone can capture Nate’s mysteriousness, it's Shannon.
Diane Venora's Justine
Natalie Portman had a role very early on in her career as Vincent Hanna's stepdaughter in "Heat." Her mom? Diane Venora. She could absolutely return to the world of "Heat" once more to play an entirely different role. It would be a fun way to bring things full circle and, as far as actors go, it's hard to do much better than Portman in terms of raw talent.
Tom Sizemore's Michael
Michael Gandolfini, the son of the late James Gandolfini, certainly has the look and, in "The Many Saints of Newark," he earned enough respect to command a big role in a big prequel. This feels like a real chance to see what the kid can do in a very different kind of crime thriller.
Amy Brenneman's Eady
Daisy Ridley, known best as Rey in the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy, absolutely has the look if we put her under a big head of curly hair. Beyond that, Ridley really didn't have as much opportunity to shine in the aftermath of "Star Wars" as she should have. This would be a great chance to see her flex her skills in a new way.
Ashley Judd's Charlene
One of the emotional anchors of "Heat" is Ashley Judd, who plays Chris' wife Charlene. Capturing that would be a tough task but Julia Garner, who has proven her ability to absolutely transform in shows like "Ozark" and "Inventing Anna," seems more than up to the task. She's a chameleon, the right age, and certainly has the chops.
Danny Trejo's Trejo
Lastly, and just for fun, how the hell could we not address Danny Trejo's character who was named Trejo in the film? If you're going to de-age one person or just willfully ignore the age difference for the sake of something good, let Danny Trejo come back and play the part again. Why not?