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Actors We Want To See Play The Fantastic Four
Mr. Fantastic
With “RRR” being a hot action picture worldwide, we think the devastatingly handsome Ram Charan, a veteran of Telugu cinema, would be ideal to play Mr. Fantastic, aka Reed Richards. Thanks to his traditionally heroic good looks, Charan can easily do justice to the sci-fi hero’s old-world Hollywood charm, his nerdy aura, and of course, his steadfast heroism.
The Invisible Woman
Casting Zazie Beetz, known for playing Domino in “Deadpool 2,” would make for an ultra-cool, brazen, and loud, Sue Storm, unlike the calm and more mature iterations we’ve already had. Her flippant, confrontational humor might even startle the all-business, so-handsome-as-to-be-untouchable Ram Charan, making for an interesting marital relationship.
The Human Torch
For a character as flashy and charismatic as the Human Torch, aka Johnny Storm, someone funny and confident, like Elliot Page, would be the perfect fit. Page’s knack for cheeky, quippy dialogue would make him the ideal choice for carrying the public face of the Fantastic Four.
The Thing
We think Daniel Radcliffe can perfectly capture The Thing’s shy, temperamental, and easily embarrassed personality. Radcliffe is increasingly proving to be one of the more interesting actors of his generation, often selecting oddball projects and acting challenges that prove his willingness to stretch.