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Across The Spider-Verse: 10 Things You Need To Know About Spider-Woman
She is Jessica Drew
Created by writer Archie Goodwin and designed by artist Marie Severin, Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew, debuted in "Marvel Spotlight" #32 in February 1977 as a deadly, acrobatic supervillain with a shadowy past. Later, she was given a series of her own, with writing duties handed over to comics legend Marv Wolfman, who reinvented her.
The Power of Dibs
As strange as it may seem, Spider-Woman was created to avoid copyright disputes. In an interview with "The Comics Journal" in 1978, Stan Lee admitted he had grown concerned other comic companies like DC would take a name with as much built-in familiarity as "Spider-Woman" before Marvel, so he quickly put her creation into motion.
An Absurd Origin Story
According to "Marvel Spotlight" #32, Drew was raised in a small European village and was shunned for her miraculous superpowers; however, upon confronting Nick Fury, she learned that her formative years abroad were memory implants. During this whole time, Drew wasn't a person but an evolved spider that looked exactly like an adult woman.
A History with Hydra
Drew was kidnapped by a HYDRA operative and transformed into a weapon before eventually regaining her memories and escaping; she came to learn she didn't have an arachnid origin after all. In attempting to redirect the character's canon, Wolfman backpedaled and restored Jessica's humanity, and she's been a reformed hero ever since.
Not Related to Spidey
While most differently gendered variations of superheroes are inherently linked to their forebearer, that isn't the case with Spider-Woman and Spider-Man. Sure, they fight on the same side and have teamed up on occasion, but on the whole, Drew lives wholly apart from her Spider-brethren.