FILM 'TRUE LIES' BY JAMES CAMERON (Photo by Ronald Siemoneit/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images)
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A Stunt On The Set Of James Cameron’s True Lies Almost Ended In Disaster
Arnold Schwarzenegger may be famous for his role as the Terminator, but it was actually another movie he did that proved to be most dangerous. James Cameron’s 1994 spy action comedy “True Lies” proved to be dangerous to Schwarzenegger and his costars when two stunts went wrong.
In one stunt Jamie Lee Curtis and Tia Carrere fight each other in a limousine, but the two actresses found themselves in real-life danger. In the scene, the limousine drives off, and a helicopter lands where the car had been, but the limousine wouldn’t start, leaving the actresses scrambling to find a walkie-talkie to stop the already-descending helicopter.
In another scene, Schwarzenegger rides a horse up to the edge of a building’s roof. To shoot the scene, Schwarzenegger rode a real horse on a narrow ramp with a 90-foot drop-off to one side. While filming, the horse got spooked and went crazy; Schwarzenegger quickly slid off and was grabbed by a stunt man, and luckily both Schwarzenegger and the horse were fine.