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A Single Word Helped Hugh Laurie Switch Between British And American Accents
HBO’s comedy series "Avenue 5" has British actor Hugh Laurie switching back and forth between the two accents, often several times in the middle of a scene. The second season kicked off on October 10, and in a recent interview, Laurie revealed there's a little secret that he learned to make the transition as easy as possible.
As an American doctor on "House M.D.,” Laurie kept an American accent throughout production in order to avoid any slip-ups, but being on "Avenue 5" has presented him with a new challenge. Between the speed at which different characters are interacting with one another, and that there’s a variety of accents around him, Laurie holds himself to an astounding level of mental agility.
To keep both accents straight, the key word for the actor is “cricket;” when Laurie envisions the actual insect, he has “a fighting chance” of maintaining the American accent, but as soon as his mind goes to the English game of cricket, “the whole thing comes crashing down.” His trick clearly works, and it’s a marvel as to how he makes each version so perfectly precise.