A Scrapped Concept From Community Was Finally Realized In Rick And Morty
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Thirteen years after it first premiered, "Community" has solidified its place as one of the best network TV sitcoms ever made. With its endearing characters, ludicrous situations, and general lampoonery it’s not hard to see why.
However, not all of the pitched ideas made their way into “Community” and showrunner Dan Harmon eventually brought at least one scrapped idea to his next show. As Harmon explained: "There was one concept that was always floating in the air which was the idea of doing an episode about Jeff Winger being a shy pooper. I ended up grafting that over to 'Rick and Morty.'"
In Season 4, we learn that Rick is such a shy pooper that he has an entire pocket universe just so he can go alone. Sure, the episode is about a lot more than just shy pooping, it's also about how Rick is the author of his own misery, ruining everything and everyone that gets near him and that could have easily applied to Jeff Winger as well.