LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 15: Matt Smith attends the "House Of The Dragon" Sky Group Premiere at Leicester Square on August 15, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)
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A Matt Smith Idea Helped Nail the Emotion in House of the Dragon's Final Season 1 Scene
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "House of the Dragon."
The "House of the Dragon'' season one finale saw Rhaenyra Targaryen face the devastating death of her son, with Daemon telling her the news with both of their backs turned. In an interview with British GQ, Emma D'Arcy explains why they credit Matt Smith for the scene.
"When we got on set to rehearse [...] it was Matt Smith, in a turn of f****** genius, who offered the idea that Daemon should give Rhaenyra the news while we're both walking away from the camera, towards the fireplace. It was a sublime choice, and I could see it instantly [...] it reframes grief immediately."
Daemon’s thoughtfulness during this real moment of connection was jarring in its lack of cruelty, which made the silence have more impact than mere words or screaming would have. A really well-written and acted villain who’s awful, yet momentarily kind in the scenes between, ultimately keeps audiences hooked.