WESTWOOD, CA - JULY 27:  Actors Beverly D'Angelo and Chevy Chase attend the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures "Vacation" at Regency Village Theatre on July 27, 2015 in Westwood, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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A Lost National Lampoon's Vacation Sequel Would've Seen Seen The Griswolds Divorced
In the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” franchise, Clark Griswold shows little appreciation for his wife Ellen — he gambles away all of their savings, has a wandering eye for Christie Brinkley, and is always cruel to Ellen’s family. Surprisingly enough, Beverly D'Angelo revealed that there were talks of a “Vacation” film which would have seen the couple finally divorce.
In an interview with Screen Rant, D'Angelo revealed that a 2010-era “Vacation” sequel would have opened outside of a courthouse after Clark and Ellen finalize their divorce. D'Angelo added, "But their daughter [Audrey] is getting married, and she's adamant that they show up in Arizona or wherever she's living, so they have to go across the country and get back together.”
The project was scrapped, as D'Angelo explained, “We saw it as, 'Hey, it's about Clark and Ellen and that family. Don't we want to follow their story?' But there's something about demographics, and I think they didn't want old people in it or something.” A divorced Clark and Ellen bickering cross-country, until Clark realizes to stop taking Ellen for granted, would’ve been delightful.