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A Highlander Stunt Slip-Up Almost Sent Sean Connery Packing
Russell Mulcahy’s 1986 “Highlander” sees several immortals battle one another to become the last remaining to be granted one wish, called the Prize. Legendary actor Sean Connery joined the cast as the dashing and charming mentor, Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez, though the actor nearly left the production after a fight sequence mishap.
In a climactic swordfight in the middle of the film, Connery’s Ramírez faces off against the movie’s villain, the black-clad sadist, the Kurgan (Clancy Brown). However, there was an incident during the scene, explained Mulcahy: “Clancy was meant to burst in and slice the table in half with his sword. But he struck it with the flat of the blade and it broke. A shard shot over Sean’s head.”
The director continued, “He was on the verge of walking. He put on his dressing gown and called a meeting. Clancy said: ‘I’m so sorry. I was so nervous because it’s Sean Connery.’ Sean was gracious but said: ‘Maybe we’ll use my stunt double more.’” Connery stayed on after Brown’s apology, and any animosity from the actor must have cleared, as Connery also returned for “Highlander 2.”