PARIS, FRANCE - DECEMBER 08:  Former California governor and US actor Arnold Schwarzenegger arrives at the Hotel Matignon prior to attend a meeting with French Prime minister Manuel Valls on December 08, 2015 in Paris, France. Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Paris as part of the international mobilization around the COP21.  (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)
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A Half-Baked Script Wasn't Enough To Sell Arnold Schwarzenegger On The Rock
Michael Bay’s over-the-top action hit “The Rock” helped transition Nicolas Cage’s career into action movie stardom with films like “Con Air and “Face/Off” coming out the following year. However, as it turns out, the role was intended for the already established action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, who turned down the part due to the screenplay’s shoddy quality.
Schwarzenegger recounted his experience as he explained the producer, Don Simpson, showed him the script and was “wiped out” and “totally stoned.” Based on what Schwarzenegger said, this most likely wasn’t the final draft, and Simpson seemed hesitant to let him read the full screenplay.
“He has 85 pages with him and there are handwritten notes all over it by Jerry Bruckheimer. He says, ‘Here, look at this script. But don’t read it! Just, here’s what the premise is...’” said the actor about turning down the role. Simpson left upset and brought the script to Nicolas Cage for the part of a nerdy FBI scientist — something an action star like Schwarzenegger would have difficulties pulling off.