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A Goofy Movie's Success Defied All Of Disney's Expectations
From the beginning, Disney had low expectations for “A Goofy Movie” and passed the film’s production to an under-experienced subdivision called Disneytoon Studios, with only a budget of $18 million and the original plan to release it direct-to-video. The film did underperform as expected, yet the movie still has a ton of enthusiasm surrounding it.
The film celebrated its 20th anniversary at the 2015 D23 Expo with a reunion roundtable that included many of its voice actors, screenwriter Jymn Magon, and director Kevin Lima. Goofy voice actor Billy Farmer said, “They had a list on some Disney websites about 10 must-see panels at the D23 convention. We weren’t even listed in the top 10.”
Farmer added, “But we were number one in attendance and audience satisfaction” — the auditorium had to turn away guests because they’d already exceeded the 500-person capacity. “We had an almost three-minute standing ovation at the end. It was incredible. I felt like one of the Beatles,” said Farmer.
“A Goofy Movie” is different from other classic Disney films, explained producer and panel host Don Hahn, “But it has every hallmark in terms of its emotion, and relationships, and humanity, and storytelling, and connection that you expect from a Disney classic. And that’s what makes it enduring.” The film’s story of a parent trying to connect with their child has helped the movie remain in fans’ hearts.