Andie MacDowell And Hugh Grant kiss in the rain in a scene from the film 'Four Weddings And A Funeral', 1994. (Photo by Gramercy Pictures/Getty Images)
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A Four Weddings And A Funeral Scene Was Actually Repurposed For Love Actually
Since movies only have limited time to tell their plot, covering multiple storylines can often lead to some ideas being cut from the final product, as was the case for “Four Weddings and a Funeral.” Luckily, Richard Curtis, who wrote the film, was able to reuse an idea cut from “Four Weddings” for his directorial debut film that he also wrote, “Love Actually.”
The scene that made its way into “Love Actually” revolves around Colin (Kris Marshall), attempting to flirt with a woman at the wedding reception by insulting the food, not realizing that she’s the caterer. This failure kicks off Colin’s subplot about heading to Wisconsin in hopes of charming American women with just his British accent.
However, Colin’s bumbling attempt at flirting with the caterer was originally scripted for Hugh Grant’s character from “Four Weddings,” Charles, which reflects Grant’s signature flummoxed manner of stumbling over his words. Both Colin and Charles find happiness by the end of both films, although whether Colin deserved a happy ending is up for debate.