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A Doctor Strange Deleted Scene Goes Full Horror with An R-Rated Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful MCU characters, and was a hero throughout five films before grappling with her grief in “WandaVision.” In “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” she brings the MCU into slasher flick territory, as she embarks on a full-blown murderous rampage to reunite with her alternate universe children.
Although she wields chaos magic, it's Wanda’s single-minded determination to sacrifice America Chavez to find her kids that makes her so terrifying. Fight coordinator Liang Yang recently revealed via Instagram that Wanda would’ve wreaked more havoc in an extended version of her attack on Kamar Taj.
The test sequence plays out in a long-take that sees Wanda wipe her opponents out with brutal ease, before using her psychic abilities to wield their bodies as weapons. While this is super in-character for the film's mastermind, Sam Raimi, who helmed titles like “The Evil Dead,” it’s largely unprecedented for Marvel, as Wanda ends up coated in blood.
The MCU has yet to delve into R-rated territory, so it’s unsurprisingly bittersweet that Wanda's more gruesome moments were cut from the film. If Raimi had fully had the reins on this one, the movie would've embraced the brutality of the Scarlet Witch and the dark implications of her powers.