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7 Actors We'd Rather See Playing Reed
Richards In The MCU
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness."
Rahul Kohli
If John Krasinski was the fans' first choice to play Reed Richards, then "Midnight Mass" star Rahul Kohli was a very, very close second. He's got the humor to make the character's zanier quirks sing, he's a proper nerd in real life and he's certainly got the depth to inform Reed's struggle as a burdened hero.
Freddie Prinze Jr.
The actor has the fatherly charisma needed to lead the Fantastic Four, and the grit to take on Reed's broodier inclinations. If the "Fantastic Four" film ends up dipping into the dark territory of recent comics, Prinze would've been a great choice for it.
Chris Pang
Chris Pang would be a great choice for a younger Reed Richards. He embodies a sensitivity — not to mention a naïveté. Plus, after supporting turns in so many recent blockbusters, he deserves a shot as a leading man.
Alfred Enoch
He's got the boyish charm and the soulful inner turmoil down pat, and he also has a great grasp on science fiction and fantasy in general, something that "Fantastic Four" will definitely need from its cast. Plus, you’ve got to love the idea of a guy who's already tall and lanky gaining powers that could make him inconceivably taller and lankier.
Dev Patel
Patel would have no trouble balancing endearing nerdiness with the cool-headed outlook of the Fantastic Four's leader. A character as complicated as Reed Richards should be played by someone you can always see the good in, and there's no one more capable than Dev Patel.
Tom Bateman
Bateman bears a startling resemblance to John Krasinski. In another universe, they could be brothers. And if we're playing by multiversal rules, Bateman could easily step in as a younger, angstier variant of Krasinski's Reed Richards.
John Cho
Aside from his leading man good looks, he's also one of the most solid actors of his generation who’s no stranger to a leadership role either (see the steely speech he delivered as Sulu in "Star Trek Into Darkness"). Reed Richards is a pretty complicated guy, but Cho's got the range to pull off all his virtues and vices.
Krasinski Could Work
Preferred candidates aside, it's fair to judge Krasinski's MCU future on his five-minute appearance in "Multiverse of Madness." In fact, it's possible that he could be the ideal match for the MCU moving forward as his world-weary performance does make sense for a post-"Endgame" Reed Richards. And, in a heftier role, he could really make a memorable addition to the franchise.