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25 Terrible Endings That Ruined Good Horror Movies
Content Warning
The following story contains discussions of sexual assault.
25. Signs
Despite the reputation of "Signs" as an effectively scary movie, the realization that the aliens’ weakness is water — as well as the ending with the baseball bat — is a bit anticlimactic for a compelling alien invasion flick. Due to its lack of a better ending, "Signs" is largely (and unfortunately) relegated to the realm of relatively frustrating cinema.
24. Psycho
Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" is a masterpiece, but then the movie brings in a psychiatrist who literally spoon-feeds us information we already inherently understand thanks to Hitchcock's deft filmmaking and Anthony Perkins' incredible performance. Audiences in 1960 might’ve needed this to be spelled out, but now it just seems bad.
23. Sinister
That unexpected frame at the end of “Sinister” with Bughuul's scary-looking face popping up for one last scare seems cheap and unnecessary. "Sinister" could have ended on the shot of the home movies and let audiences leave the theater with a lingering sense of dread, instead of spiking their adrenaline (and annoyance).
22. The Faculty
"The Faculty" ends with a fast-forward to a month after the alien invasion, and our heroes have completely changed: Zeke is a football star, nerdy Casey and popular Delilah are dating, and former goth Stokeley now wears a lavender cardigan. It feels like the ending betrays the entire heart of the movie, delivering a palatable happy ending that just doesn't fit.
21. Splice
"Splice" ends on a very weird note, with geneticist Elsa’s pharmaceutical company begging her to keep the baby who was a product of Elsa being raped by Dren — the hybrid creature created by her and Clive. She agrees, of course, because there's a massive payout and the promise of eventual prestige. Yuck.