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21 Underrated Mystery Movies You Really Need To See
A Perfect Murder
“A Perfect Murder” is a compelling thriller that explores the story of Steven (Michael Douglas), who tries to have his wife (Gwyneth Paltrow) murdered by the man she’s having an affair with. The film presents the portrait of a homicidal marriage where two partners, caught in a cat-and-mouse game, lie to each other while revealing dark truths with their eyes.
Side Effects
Emily (Rooney Mara) is clinically depressed, but things become worse when her seemingly doting psychiatrist Dr. Banks (Jude Law) prescribes her a wonder pill — which isn’t all that wonderful. “Side Effects” critiques the medical industrial complex and its shady operators, while also becoming a violent mystery plot where nothing is as it seems.
The Interview
“The Interview” is a claustrophobic thriller that sees Eddie Flemming (Hugo Weaving) go from having no idea why he’s being nabbed by police to making a twisted confession about the murders he is suspected of. The real mystery is whether he’s telling the truth or playing mind games on two cops abusing their power.
In The Earth
"In The Earth" is a horror mystery that sees a scientist and his park guide being abducted by an eccentric homesteader in the middle of nowhere, who conducts torturous experiments on them. The film is an arthouse indie and a hostage movie with base levels of torture porn, but it can also be seen as a critique of pandemic-era scientists playing God — and regretting it.
I Am Mother
"I Am Mother'' is a standout sci-fi thriller that exacerbates our high-tech paranoias. It follows a robot called Mother living with a young girl, Daughter, in a protective sterile ward in a post-apocalyptic world. When Daughter rebels, she breaks quarantine, and lets in the injured Woman, who has a very different take on the outside world.