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16 Horror Movies That Ruined Everyday Activities
While most movies inspire nightmares, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" endures on account of the suggestion those nightmares might actually kill you. Even scarier is how Craven conceived of the idea after reading about a real series of unexplained deaths among Cambodian refugees.
watching television
“Poltergeist” took a common household object, the TV set, and rendered it terrifying, just one aspect of the PG movie that was so scary it contributed to the advent of the PG-13 rating. It's hard to imagine anyone looking at their big, hulking tube television sets the same way again.
walking by sewers
“It” is a movie about a homicidal clown who at one point drags poor Georgie Denbrough into the sewer drain, in broad daylight in what ostensibly seems like a safe street. Fans of "It" likely think twice before hopping the curb over a storm drain now.
"Jaws" is a classic horror film and for good reason. It's big, it's scary, and it renders a simple trip to the beach as an exercise in terror. Whether ocean, lake, or pool, it's impossible to forget the visceral images of a great white's dorsal fins breaching the surface. Who needs to swim, anyway?
being home alone
In an early scene of “The Strangers” Kristin, who believes she is home alone, completes mundane tasks completely unaware that a stranger has already gotten inside. It's a painfully tense sequence and guaranteed to inspire weeks' worth of checking over one's shoulders while home alone, just in case.