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15 Underrated Zombie Movies That You Really Need To See
Dead Things
In "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things," Alan is a theater director who brings his troupe to an island cemetery for a night of jokes, witchcraft, and necromancy. The troupe is besieged by real zombies after Alan's fake spell actually works, and the film becomes a horror-comedy with wry, morbid humor and a terrifying finale.
Dance of the Dead
When corpses start returning to life in the graveyard next to a nuclear power plant, a group of misfit teens band together to save their high school prom in “Dance of the Dead.” The punk band soundtrack, teens running from ravenous hordes of zombies, and goofy sense of humor make “Dead” a crowd-pleasing zombie film.
Wild Zero
Part '50s creature feature, part "Return of the Living Dead" homage, “Wild Zero” is the least predictable and most progressive film on this list. It has all the ingredients for a perfect midnight movie: hilariously cartoony gags; fist-pumping, "can you believe that just happened?" moments; and rock 'n' roll blood brothers fighting the undead.
One Cut
In “One Cut of the Dead,” a small filmmaking crew makes a zombie film at a site once used for military experiments to reanimate corpses — and the fake zombies become real zombies. Inventive, hilarious, and completely in love with the art of making movies, "One Cut of the Dead" is a zombie movie that everyone needs to see.
Living Dead
Director Jorge Grau's eerie ecological zombie movie, “The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue,” is moody '70s Euro-horror that feels as prescient as all the best zombie films. The film stands out due to its unnerving score and sound design, its terrifying zombies, and the sheer number of subplots that feel ahead of their time.