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15 Underrated Thrillers You Really Need To See
The 1995 thriller "Outbreak" is even more terrifying now than it was during its initial release, as the film centers on the rapid spread of a dangerous virus. It still has many insights into why it is important to listen to scientists and how political inaction only puts more people in danger.
“Dead Again”
The film follows P.I. Mike Church (Kenneth Branagh), who meets a nameless woman (Emma Thompson) connected to his childhood orphanage. Branagh and Thompson also play the historical characters, Roman and Margaret Strauss, in flashbacks. "Dead Again" does a nice job at linking these two timelines, and intertwining the mystery.
“Talk Radio”
The 1988 thriller "Talk Radio," was based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Eric Bogosian and Ted Savinar. It was loosely inspired by the life of Alan Berg, an inflammatory Denver radio personality who was murdered by a white supremacist group in ‘84.
Alfred Hitchcock, also known as the Master of Suspense, directed over 50 films including the 1942 spy thriller "Saboteur," one of his most underrated. "Saboteur" is very exciting, and has many amazing action sequences, such as the chase scene on top of the Statue of Liberty in one of Hitchcock's greatest set pieces.
“Official Secrets”
The film focuses on the true story of analyst Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley), who comes across a report that uncovers a government conspiracy and takes it upon herself to inform the British public. "Official Secrets" does a great job of humanizing a brave activist and Knightley wonderfully explores her character's unflinching dedication to the truth.