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15 Shows Like Vikings That You Really Need To See
Vikings: Valhalla
Before "Vikings" completed its run, creator Michael Hirst teamed up with Netflix for a spinoff series, "Vikings: Valhalla." The new series is set a century after "Vikings," telling the origin stories of legendary historical figures like Leif Erikson, Freydis Eriksdottor, Harald Sigurdsson, and others.
"Barbarians" is set in the year 9 A.D. during the Roman occupation of Germania, leading to the Germanic uprising led by Roman soldier Arminius, who was ripped from his Germanic tribe as a child, given to the Romans, and raised to be a warrior. The show filled the void for fans of "Vikings" when the latter ended its run.
The Norwegian series "Norsemen" shows being a Viking was about more than berserker battles by delving into comedic aspects left unexplored by "Vikings." Set in the eighth century, the series follows the lives of the residents of a Viking village as they grapple with highly relatable 21st-century issues like power struggles, sibling rivalries, and gender equality.
The Last Kingdom
"The Last Kingdom" follows Norse warrior Uhtred, born a Saxon but raised by Vikings, as he leads his people against the Saxons while striving to reclaim his birthright. The story told in the series — based on the historical novels of Bernard Cornwell — is similar to the one in "Vikings," but with an added twist.
"Knightfall" is set in the early 1300s and centers on fictional Templar leader Landry du Lauzon, who leads his knights on a quest to retrieve the legendary Holy Grail. While the series only lasted two seasons, there's no denying that the show was developed with an eye toward capturing the same audience who grew to love "Vikings."