BURBANK, CA - JANUARY 31:  Actors Alexis Bledel (L) and Lauren Graham pose at The WB Networks "The Gilmore Girls" 100th episode celebration on the set at Warner Bros. Studios on January 31, 2005 in Burbank, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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15 Shows Like Gilmore Girls That You Really Should Watch
My So-Called Life
"My So-Called Life" takes an angsty look at the fraught high school years of 15-year-old Angela Chase, played by a young Claire Danes. While the show is certainly darker in tone than the often-whimsical "Gilmore Girls," it shares a key similarity: A mother-daughter relationship is at the heart of both shows.
Veronica Mars
"Veronica Mars" is the story of PI Keith Mars and his sleuthing teenage daughter Veronica, with a premise that isn't too dissimilar to "Gilmore Girls." Also, the tone of both shows is surprisingly similar, with Veronica and her dad bantering in a style that will seem very comfortable for "Gilmore Girls" fans, despite navigating significantly darker subject matter.
Jezebel James
"The Return of Jezebel James" — the first post-"Gilmore Girls" series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino — is a female-led comedy exploring the complicated bonds of sisters, with her gift for hilarious dialogue on full display throughout. The seven-episode-long series will give familiar vibes to "Gilmore Girls" aficionados.
After "Gilmore Girls" wrapped in 2007, star Lauren Graham didn't commit to another TV series until 2010 when she agreed to do "Parenthood." She plays a single mother of a smart, headstrong daughter, whom she shares with her irresponsible, alcoholic rock musician ex-husband — a role that doesn't feel like much of a departure from Lorelai Gilmore.
New Girl
For fans of "Gilmore Girls," "New Girl" has plenty to love, from an array of idiosyncratic supporting characters who wouldn't seem out of place in Stars Hollow to the kooky charm of star Zooey Deschanel. Moreover, both shows are the brainchild of female creators, revolve around eccentric female leads, and share a similar quirky vibe.