A poster for Jacques Tourneur's 1942 horror 'Cat People' starring Simone Simon. (Photo by Movie Poster Image Art/Getty Images)
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15 Horror Movies Long Overdue For A Remake
Cat People
This 1942 film has been remade and both iterations were largely queer-coded, but it's long overdue for a version of the story that embraces its very clear LGBTQ+ subtext. The story is as relevant today as it was 80 years ago and a modern reimagining could add a greater sense of whimsy, emotional urgency, body horror, and triumph.
Peeping Tom
Released in 1960, the film was condemned by the media with one critic dubbing it, "the sickest and filthiest film I can remember seeing." It’s a fascinating look into loneliness, obsession, and childhood trauma. In the hands of the right filmmaker, the story could find deeper, richer layers, and some bonkers imagery along the way.
Fade to Black
This 1980 underrated cult classic exhibits a heightened, self-aware tone not unlike what you'd find in a "Scream" installment. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the co-directing team behind "Ready or Not" and the new "Scream," could work wonders on the story, leaning into themes of fandom, gatekeeping in the horror community, and toxic masculinity.
It Came from Outer Space
Everything we know so far about Jordan Peele's "Nope" indicates he's taking great inspiration from such sci-fi B-movies as 1953’s "It Came from Outer Space." If Peele were not already releasing his own alien film, he'd be a shoo-in to direct but the remake would do well in the hands of Panos Cosmatos ("Mandy"), Brandon Cronenberg ("Possessor"), or Julia Ducournau ("Titane").
The Uninvited
Lewis Allen's 1944 film is one of the true paranormal masterpieces of the era. Known for "The Ritual" and "The Night House," David Bruckner is a prime filmmaker to lend his genius craftsmanship to a remake. When it comes to the unexplainable, there are few modern visual storytellers as well-tuned to the genre with a distinct style all their own.