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15 Board Games That Would Actually Make Great Movies
Ticket to Ride
“Ticket to Ride” has players collecting color-coordinated train cards to complete their assigned routes in exchange for points set during the same fictional timeline of Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days.” A film adaptation could offer a globe-trotting action-adventure period piece that also satirizes the vanity of the wealthy.
In “Codenames," two opposing spy factions attempt to locate their agents while trying to avoid civilians or danger by using only suggestive codewords. The game has a 1960s-era espionage setting which the movie could adapt for an action-comedy that could satisfy both classic and modern spy film fans alike.
The role-playing card game “Munchkin” already features funny spins on classic fantasy game tropes as players try to reach level 10 while avoiding being cheated by their competitors. An adaptation might see adolescent children playing a game of “Dungeons & Dragons” run by a zany DM with their in-game adventures being animated.
Incan Gold
“Incan Gold,” or “Diamant,” has each explorer entering an Incan temple in hopes of recovering as much treasure before either leaving the temple or risking it all by continuing further. The “Incan Gold” movie would be a historical adventure of five world-renown archaeologists’ journey into the long-abandoned ruins seeking its wealth.
In the social deduction game “One Night Ultimate Werewolf,” players are randomly assigned a role and must decide who amongst them are the werewolves and eliminate them through voting. An Agatha Christie meets R. L. Stine style adaptation of the game could be a horror whodunnit comedy where anyone could be a suspect.