Actor Michael Praed in character as Robin of Loxley on the set of Robin of Sherwood, circa 1984. (Photo by TV Times via Getty Images)
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14 Underrated Fantasy Shows That Deserve Your Attention
There aren't many great television shows based on video games; however, the Netflix series "Arcane" defies the trend with its compelling story, stunning visuals, and gorgeous fight scenes. The nine-episode series depicts the origin stories of two "League of Legends" characters, but it stands on its own as a story if one has no interest in the game.
The Last Airbender
"Avatar: The Last Airbender" is an animated series, yet it remains one of the best fantasy stories ever put on screen, and viewers of any age can enjoy it as the young characters confront grown-up problems like colonialism and genocide. However, despite being loaded with heavy themes, it remains light and airy, thanks to the protagonist's persistent optimism.
Beauty and the Beast
"Beauty and the Beast" takes viewers to a world that has unlimited possibilities and introduces them to bizarre and intriguing characters, and despite its flaws, there is a charm to it. A certain George R. R. Martin wrote nine episodes of the show, which might explain why it stole America's heart when it debuted in 1987.
Dungeons & Dragons
A group of kids is transported into the world of the game and given magic items by the Dungeon Master; as the kids search for a way home, an evil wizard hunts them for their weapons. Season 1 is corny, but the series builds momentum in Season 2 as the story gains some depth and challenges its young characters to decide who they will become.
Into the Badlands
"Into the Badlands" is a martial arts fantasy set in a feudal post-apocalyptic wasteland, and though it doesn't have creatures or magic, there is a supernatural mythology behind the main protagonist. It has some of the best fight sequences ever produced for American television, and the choreography and skill on display are a type of magic unto themselves.