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14 Shows Like Schitt's Creek You Need to See
"Ted Lasso"
Jason Sudeikis stars as a displaced, well-intentioned American football coach struggling to coach soccer abroad. If you can manage to walk away from an episode of Apple+’s "Ted Lasso" without a warm, cozy feeling in the pit of your stomach, well, you may just have a big gaping hole where your heart should be.
Without "SCTV," there's no way that you ever get "Schitt's Creek," to say nothing of the countless careers in comedy that were launched from this humble Canadian sketch comedy show. The sketch show showcases Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara along with the likes of John Candy and Martin Short and is available on DVD.
"New Girl"
After being cheated on by her boyfriend, perpetually sunny Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) ends up needing a new place to live, and she reluctantly moves into a loft with a trio of boys she doesn't actually know. Slowly, they begin to develop a rapport with one another, and they eventually become like one big, very eccentric family.
Speaking of friends that can become family, this show follows the tight-knit bonds formed over a Spanish class study group at a local community college. "Community" rich with pop-culture references, was never afraid to explore subplots that grew increasingly more nonsensical (and hysterical) as the series went on.
"Difficult People"
If the snarky quipping between David and Alexis is your favorite part of "Schitt's Creek," you should absolutely be watching "Difficult People" on Hulu. Although it only ran for three seasons before being unceremoniously canceled, there's no shortage of snarky content to keep more mean-spirited fans entertained.