Timothy Olyphant plays Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens on location on the set in Newhall of Justified produced by Sony Pictures Television and FX on January 6, 2012.  (Photo by Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
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14 Shows Like Justified That Are Definitely Worth Watching
Karen Sisco
“Karen Sisco” is so good that “Justified” producers risked the wrath of Disney to feature the titular Karen — although using her married name Karen Goodall­ — in their show. Although “Karen Sisco” only ran for one season, the edgy show featured a heavyweight cast and crew with a storyline from Elmore Leonard, the mind behind “Justified.”
The Americans
Despite not having much in common with country-western “Justified” on the surface, “The Americans” is definitely worth a watch. Filled with suspense, chase scenes, and undercover agents, “The Americans” is a must-watch, particularly considering it shares "Justified" executive producer Graham Yost as well as “Justified” veteran Margo Martindale.
The Shield
Despite airing in 2002 among a crowded TV line-up of cop shows, “The Shield” made a name for itself by taking police drama to the very edge. It was the first scripted drama to win big on basic cable, and it’s safe to say that without “The Shield” or Detective Shane Vendrell — played by Walter Goggins — this list and the shows on it would not be the same.
Maximum Bob
“Maximum Bob” is based on Elmore Leonard’s 29th novel of the same name, and while the book is populated by fraud, lowlife scroungers, and a self-styled cowboy, the seven-episode series is more of a sitcom version of “Twin Peaks.” The source material is covered within the first hour, letting ”Maximum Bob” achieve a different flavor of watchability.
Get Shorty
FX’s 2017 series based on Elmore Leonard’s novel “Get Shorty” is more of a creative rendering than a strict adaption of its source material, but the series preserves the print-the-legend absurdity that haunts this Hollywood-based story inside and out. Names and demeanors may have changed, but the dreams still linger just out of reach.