14 Sci-Fi Movies That Went
Too Far
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The central premise of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" is a terrifying one, as it sees aliens trying to replace humans with duplicates, but the 1978 remake is especially scary. We are treated to a duplicate that has gone horribly wrong, as a man and dog were placed in the same pod, resulting in a pod-dog with a human face.
Color Out of Space
When a meteor falls into Nathan Gardner's farmland, it brings madness and horror, as a reality and sanity-wrenching organism has arrived with it. Struck by energy from the titular Color out of Space, Gardner's wife and son are horrifically fused together and continue to mutate.
This often-overlooked entry is a science fiction black comedy starring Nathan Fillion that seeks to homage 1950s B-movies. In one scene, a poor woman becomes host to alien offspring, and her body is inflated to monstrous size — looking like a pink balloon with a tiny, attached face — until she bursts open.
Altered States
In this film, a scientist experiments with a combination of narcotics and sensory deprivation to tap into different states of consciousness. Rather than a particular moment standing out, the whole movie is unnerving from start to finish — feeling much like a bad trip getting progressively worse.
The Blob
In this remake of a ‘50s cult classic, the plot goes out of its way to establish its square-jawed all-American hero, who is reminiscent of Steve McQueen in the original. However, he is quickly dissolved within the acidic insides of the Blob, leaving nothing but a severed, twitching hand — and a very shocked audience.