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13 Box Office Bombs That Are Truly Worth A Watch
It’s hard to believe that a Steven Spielberg movie could ever bomb, but his 2016 children’s movie “The BFG” failed to bring in audiences. While certainly not Spielberg’s best movie, “The BFG” is a charming, whimsical film about a giant that takes a little girl to Giant Country and features some amazing animation and stunning performances.
The Iron Giant
Another tale about a friendly giant makes it on the list with 1999’s “The Iron Giant” by Brad Bird. Considering that Bird went on to make movies such as “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille,” “The Iron Giant” has all the charm you’d expect. Like all great children’s movies, “The Iron Giant” is a parable with a memorable lesson about acceptance.
Treasure Planet
“Treasure Planet” is an out-of-the-box adaption of the classic novel “Treasure Island,” and is full of swashbuckling aliens and pirate robots who sail on 18th-century-style ships that shoot laser beams. The movie uses a mix of hand-drawn animation and CGI to create a stunning, steampunk aesthetic and was even nominated for an Oscar.
Hocus Pocus
As popular as Hocus Pocus is now, it was a flop at the box office, partly due to competition with “Jurassic Park” and its inexplicable summer release. Hocus Pocus later became a Halloween classic thanks to multiple autumnal TV airings that introduced audiences to the wicked Sanderson sisters and the movie’s charming coming-of-age adventure.
Martin Scorsese’s first attempt at making a children’s movie didn’t work too well, partially because it went up against the Twilight Saga’s penultimate film. Although it was a flop, critics were generally impressed with the movie’s central premise as a love letter to cinema, as well as Scorsese’s restrained and clever use of 3D and the film’s beautiful aesthetic.