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12 Underrated Stephen King Movies You Should
Check Out
For "Creepshow," Stephen King and fellow horror legend George A. Romero adapted two of King's short stories, alongside three original tales. "Creepshow" itself may not count as underrated, but some of the film's segments don't get the love they deserve, such as "The Crate," which adds a terrifying monster to a very human crime story.
The Shining
While Stanley Kubrick's “The Shining” is a classic, the 1997 "Shining" three-part miniseries, with a screenplay by King himself, sticks more closely to the source material. This version of "The Shining" has some "made for TV" vibes, but it's essential viewing both for those who love the book and want to see King's visual take on his own story.
Maximum Overdrive
"Maximum Overdrive" was King’s experiment with a sub-genre called sci-fi camp, and he admitted that "I was coked out of my mind all through its production." As long as you're not expecting a classic, high-quality Stephen King scary story, "Maximum Overdrive" is a fun and very campy midnight movie.
Creepshow 2
The follow-up to "Creepshow" was not met with the same level of adoration as its predecessor, partly because it leans towards realism instead of fantasy. However, out of its three vignettes, "The Raft" masterfully gets under your skin, favoring chills over ick to a point that it might just become a reason behind your fear of water.
storm of the...
What sets "Storm of the Century" apart from the other projects on this list is that it's not an adaptation; King wrote it specifically for television. The miniseries masterfully blends King's biggest strengths of small-town narratives combined with simple, but serious scares; this 1999 piece might be one of King's scariest creations.