LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 08: Jesse Leigh and Ed Helms attends Peacock's "Rutherford Falls" Season 2 Premiere Event at Rolling Greens on June 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images)
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12 Underrated Sitcoms That You Should Check Out
Happy Endings
"Happy Endings" shares some superficial similarities with "Friends," but beyond that, it diverges into a completely different territory. The show features razor-sharp writing, the considerable improv skills of the cast, and some of the best chemistry ever seen among an ensemble cast; however, it only managed to carve out a tiny but rabidly devoted fanbase.
Party Down
"Party Down" follows a crew of hopeful Hollywood strivers working as cater waiters in Los Angeles until their big break arrives. Even though the show aired for just two seasons to a relatively small audience, the sitcom has grown to become something of a cult classic, which isn't surprising, given the combination of top-notch writing and an enviable cast.
You're the Worst
"You're the Worst" focuses on the unlikely train wreck of a romance between two deeply damaged people in modern-day Los Angeles. Mental illness, family dysfunction, substance abuse, and PTSD aren't typical fodder for hilarious comedy, yet somehow, they manage to form the basis of much laughter in the series.
Andy Richter...
In "Andy Richter Controls the Universe," Andy Richter plays his namesake, an aspiring novelist who pays the bills writing technical manuals while concocting elaborate fantasies in which situations play out far better for him and far more entertaining than they do in real life. The series consists of just 18 episodes and makes for an enjoyably loopy binge-watch.
Trial and Error
In this 2017 "mockuseries," John Lithgow stars as Larry Henderson, an eccentric poetry professor on trial for the murder of his wife who proclaims his innocence, but his actions hardly support that. Unfortunately, when the series returned for Season 2, Lithgow, who had only committed to a single season, wasn’t part of it.