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12 Underrated Musical Movies You Need To Check Out
The Wayward Cloud
This isn't your grandparents' musical. It's full of explicit sex, outrageously erotic musical numbers, and quiet, contemplative moments, which are especially rare in musicals. It's garish, bizarre, over-the-top, subdued, melancholic, and stupefying. There's nothing else quite like it — just don't watch it with your family.
8 Women
With an outstanding cast, the film offers terrific visuals, wonderful melodrama, and palpable suspense around every corner. "8 Women" is a beautifully feminist adventure with plenty of shocks and surprises along the way.
London Road
The 2015 film directed by Rufus Norris focuses on a real-life string of murders that happened on London Road in Ipswich in the United Kingdom. The script uses dialogue comprised of real-life interviews with the residents of Ipswich's London Road, creating a startling, intoxicating, and macabre effect as these interviews are turned into musical numbers.
Donkey Skin
Writer-director Jacques Demy's film is vibrant and fantastical, each frame awash in bold, bright colors. The sets and production design are immaculate, and there's an utterly timeless quality to this wonderful fairy tale. Demy's longtime collaborator, Michel Legrand, does some of his best work, crafting beautiful music that gives the film an unmatched vibrancy.
The production values in "Once" are far more intimate than you'd expect from a typical musical. The intimacy is what makes the film stand out and feel truly special, and it's most evident in the performance of "Falling Slowly," which is perhaps the single greatest song in a musical in the 21st century.