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12 Underrated Episodes Of Batman: The Animated Series
On Leather Wings
Man-Bat, is one of the most underrated antagonists in the DC universe, and “Batman: The Animated Series” managed to do a great job fleshing out his origins. This episode demonstrated Batman’s detective skills and put the Dark Knight against a truly terrifying foe, all while encapsulating the horror element of the “Batman” universe.
Mad as a Hatter
Like Man-Bat, the Mad Hatter is another lesser-known villain that the series further explored, giving the character a memorable sense of theatricality and a somewhat empathetic origin. The episode shows that Batman’s lack of toxic masculinity is what separates him from the other costumed characters running around Gotham City.
Night of the Ninja
“Night of the Ninja” is a rare episode that sees Bruce Wayne getting into an adventure without the suit and expands further on his backstory, showing how he earned his combat skills while training in Japan. This episode also shows the more intricate side of Batman and Robin’s partnership, teasing future developments in their relationship.
Cat Scratch Fever
Following Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance in “Batman Returns” as Selina Kyle was challenging, but the show managed to delve into her complex relationship with Batman. “Cat Scratch Fever” offers a fun misadventure for Batman and Catwoman that features some of the show’s most humorous moments while also conveying Bruce’s true feelings for Selina
Moon of the Wolf
Paying tribute to the “Batman” universe’s horror elements once again, “Moon of the Wolf” sees an aspiring athlete transformed into a werewolf. This episode now only showed how inventive Batman could be but also the integrity that makes the character so heroic.