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12 Underrated Biopics That You Need To See
My Friend Dahmer
"My Friend Dahmer" is a brilliantly understated drama adapted from a graphic novel by John Backderf, who knew Jeffrey Dahmer as a young man. The film focuses on the serial killer's high school years, tracing the roots of his pathology with foreboding dramatic irony, and Ross Lynch does a fine job
as Dahmer.
Christine Chubbuck was a television news reporter based in Florida who, after several years of mental health issues, shot herself live on air in July 1974. Rebecca Hall gives a measured and introspective performance as the titular character, and director Antonio Campos perfectly captures the slogging burden of Chubbuck's psyche.
Hannah Arendt
Unlike the public and her peers, Hannah Arendt did not believe Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi bureaucrat who authorized the deportation of approximately 440,000 Jews, to be an evil monster. The film shows how Arendt was attacked because of her stance but stood by her ideology and features a commanding lead performance by Barbara Sukowa.
The film recounts the making of "Psycho," Alfred Hitchcock's infamous mid-career classic, as viewers see the production's controversies and the risks Hitchcock took in committing to it, namely an eye-watering financial investment. Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren share an enjoyable chemistry as the Hitchcock couple, making the film a fun watch.
"Tucker: The Man and his Dream" tells the story of Preston Tucker, a Michigan entrepreneur known for the Tucker 48, a chromed, glossy sedan that was a small marvel of automotive engineering. Jeff Bridges is charming as Tucker and is complemented well by warm lighting, swinging music, sharp tailoring, and nostalgic locales.