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12 Most Underrated Avatar: The Last Airbender Episodes
The Waterbending Scroll
When Katara gives Aang waterbending lessons, she gets frustrated when he begins surpassing her skills, so Katara impulsively steals a waterbending scroll from a group of pirates. The pirates team up with Zuko to catch the kids, leading to Katara’s capture but the kids ultimately escape when Katara master’s the waterbending move that was eluding her.
“Imprisoned” gives the audience their first look at Katara’s profound sense of justice and righteous fury, when she devises a scheme to free Haru, a young earthbender she inadvertently got arrested. Katara gets herself arrested and stages a prison break, reminding the captured earthbenders of their power and giving them the tools to set themselves free.
Avatar Day
For the most part, Aang is treated as a hero — except in the Fire Nation — but when the gang arrives in Chin Village, they stumble across the town’s annual tradition of burning effigies of previous avatars. Aang is arrested for the crimes of Avatar Kyoshi, forcing Katara and Sokka to clear his name, and reminding audiences how history can be warped.
The Cave of Two Lovers
On their journey to Omashu, the gang teams up with a group of bards to make the journey through a cave. When a cave-in separates them, Sokka is stuck with the bards providing much comic relief, while Aang and Katara are trapped together and share their first kiss. Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh get a first-hand look at the war’s devastation of the Earth Kingdom.
Return To Omashu
When the gang arrives in Omashu for the second time, the city is occupied by Fire Nation forces, so the gang cleverly smuggles Earth Kingdom citizens out but accidentally kidnaps the Fire Nation governor’s two-year-old son. They plan on using the child as leverage to negotiate the release of King Bumi, but Bumi chooses to stay in the sieged city.