Kevin Conroy during Wonderful World of Animation at Comic-Con 2004 at San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California, United States. (Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage for Wonderful World of Animation Art Gallery)
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12 Heart-breaking Moments In Batman: The Animated Series
Freeze’s Apology
While Mr. Freeze’s grudge against former employer Ferris Boyle in “Heart of Ice” is about his research getting shut down, the viewers learn the heartbreaking reason behind it.
The research was what Freeze needed to save his wife, Nora, and after failing to avenge her, the supervillain apologizes to her and begins to cry.
Joker’s Purpose
“The Man Who Killed Batman” sees the Joker refuse to believe that the timid Sidney Debris has defeated the hero, and he decides to set up a heist to lure out his foe.
With Batman being a no-show, the audience sees the Joker descend into a depression at the possibility of the Dark Knight’s death and the consequential loss of his life’s purpose.
Bruce’s Fantasy
After being knocked out by some thugs, Batman awakens to find he’s simply Bruce Wayne with his parents still alive — but this a fantasy world created by the Mad Hatter.
Although none of what happens in “Perchance to Dream” is real, it doesn’t detract from the emotional heartbreak of seeing Bruce getting to live a normal, happy life with his family.
In “Old Wounds,” the viewers witness the Dynamic Duo’s friendship end after Robin learns that Batman knew the Boy Wonder’s girlfriend, Barabra Gordon, was Batgirl.
Robin feels betrayed that Batman withheld Batgirl’s identity, and he departs after punching Batman, even though it was not the Dark Knight’s place to reveal Gordon’s secret.
“The Gray Ghost” sees former superhero TV star Simon Trent struggling to find any acting jobs and having to sell off his old memorabilia from the show to survive.
After losing out on a role, Trent flies into a rage and wrecks his apartment, becoming painfully aware that his Gray Ghost success is one of the reasons for his career ending.