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12 Canceled Sci-Fi Shows That Deserve A Second Chance
Blue Thunder
Columbia Pictures turned John Badham's 1983 movie "Blue Thunder," a cautionary tale about the militarization of the police, into a self-righteous TV action show. If the show could be rebooted today by a production company that understands the original material, the themes are more relevant than ever.
Star Trek: Enterprise
The only “Star Trek” series besides the original to get prematurely canceled, "Enterprise" was given a chance to wrap things up at the end of Season 4, but completely whiffed the opportunity. A reboot would give the show a chance to repair the damage.
Perversions of Science
This was a great premise that suffered from a poor title. Based on the comics "Weird Science," the show was forced to change the title, but settling on "Perversions of Science" turned viewers away before they ever tuned in.
Buck Rogers 25th Century
Following the cancellation of "Battlestar Galactica" in 1979, Glen A. Larson tried again for some of that sweet "Star Wars" success with an update of "Buck Rogers." The show lasted only two seasons, with a major retool for the second to make it more of a "Star Trek"-like deep-space exploration show.
"Voyagers!" followed Phineas Bogg, a time traveler whose name clearly riffs on Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg. Together with a young boy named Jeffrey Jones, he'd fall out of the sky every episode into a historical situation where some of the details were wrong and it was his job to set them right.