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12 Awesome Sci-Fi Movies That Never Got Sequels
David Lynch's meticulous world-building and the movie's idiosyncratic characters were a novelty among the colorful, crowd-pleasing sci-fi epics of the early '80s. While the film failed to earn back its budget following harsh reviews, the time has been much kinder to the film, and "Dune" has been the subject of critical reappreciation.
"Oblivion," based on director Joseph Kosinski's graphic novel of the same name, has an intriguing story that's on par with the groundbreaking production design and visual effects. While the film's conclusion wraps up the story neatly, "Oblivion" contains an entire universe that could've easily been explored in future installments.
"Upgrade" tells an original story, making it a breath of fresh air at a time when so many sci-fi films are based on existing material. Its ambiguous ending is brilliant, and while director Leigh Whannell has stated that the film is meant to be standalone, producer Jason Blum has been developing a spinoff television series.
The Black Hole
"The Black Hole" received a mixed reception upon release but, over time, gained appreciation as a fascinating philosophical odyssey disguised as a Disney family adventure. Unfortunately, a sequel never came to be, and though there were plans to remake the film, it didn't materialize, supposedly because it was too dark for the studio.
John Carter
"John Carter" is an immersive visual action spectacle that was in development hell for decades, resulting in one of the most expensive films ever made — and, subsequently, one of the biggest box office bombs of all time. The poor showing at the box office scuttled the planned series, but many classic John Carter storylines remain to adapt.