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12 Anime Shows Like Demon Slayer That You Can Binge Today
Hunter x Hunter
"Hunter x Hunter" has transcended niche circles to become a full-throttle pop culture phenomenon. Ostensibly the story of young hunter Gon and his quest to find his father, the series unspools into something more profound, with arcs such as the Chimera Ant, which is almost a spiritual precursor to the lofty, moralistic inquiries of "Demon Slayer."
Fire Force
Like Tanjiro in "Demon Slayer," fire soldier Shinra Kusakabe in “Fire Force” is on a quest to save a sibling. Both series are visual, thematic treats and deserve credit for the treatment of their antagonists — the demons in "Demon Slayer" and the Infernals in "Fire Force" are viewed as human beings led astray.
Soul Eater
Writer Atsushi Ohkubo has confirmed that "Soul Eater" is a sequel to "Fire Force," and the former parallels incredibly well with the thematic underpinnings of "Demon Slayer." While "Demon Slayer" spills more blood at times, "Soul Eater" is a perfect entry point for newer fans or those a bit too young for the mature framework of "Demon Slayer."
The underlying ethos between “Demon Slayer” and “Assassination Classroom” is remarkably similar, especially matters of fate, the futility of vengeance, and the enduring nature of one's most precious memories. Both strike the heart as often as they dazzle with their action sequences, and both are as liable to elicit applause as they are tears.
My Hero Academia
Admittedly, the first four seasons of “My Hero Academia” don't have a great deal in common with "Demon Slayer," but Season 5 marks a foray into much darker material. With that stark departure, the show no longer feels as safe as its cartoonish, happy-go-lucky origins led audiences to believe, and protagonist Midoriya is thematically linked to the likes of Tanjiro.