White shark rising  towards the surface.
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10 Underrated Shark Movies That You Should Check Out
Sharks of the Corn
"Sharks of the Corn" is so bad that it circles back into good as it follows a rural farm town battling a hungry shark, a shark cult, and a serial killer. What this movie does really well is comment on the obsession some people have with sharks and the movies we make about them.
The Requin
"The Requin" follows the horror trend of tackling trauma and PTSD head-on. Nothing about "The Requin" (or contemporaries like "Halloween Ends") seeks to leave anything under the surface. It’s worth watching, but the shark drama often plays second fiddle to the trauma and human error, which could be a little too realistic for some viewers.
The Reef: Stalked
As Shudder rarely disappoints with its new releases, expectations were high for "The Reef: Stalked." The sequel to 2010's "The Reef" goes in the same direction as films like "Open Water" or "The Requin," rather than a plot-heavy shark-foolery style as in the "Jaws" franchise, however, it has the special effects quality of "Sharknado."
Great White
"Great White" (a.k.a. "The Last Shark") ripped off Jaws so brazenly that Universal successfully sued the filmmakers for plagiarism after the movie had already made $18 million. Despite that, this is such a wonderful entry in the shark genre before the intrusive effects of CGI.
This follow-up to the immensely well-done "47 Meters Down" manages to reinvent its central concept while still staying true to the themes and tension of the first film. The filmmaker succeeded in changing the traditional shark narrative while still keeping it scary, and despite all their questionable decisions, you still care about the central characters' wellbeing.