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10 Underrated Paul Newman Movies That You Should Check Out
The Rack
Paul Newman gives one of the best performances of his career as Edward W. Hall Jr., a Korean War veteran wracked with guilt, in the little-seen film "The Rack." Based on a teleplay by Rod Serling, the film follows Hall, a POW, who returns to the United States to go on trial for collaborating with the enemy.
The Left Handed Gun
While the 1958 Western "The Left Handed Gun" isn't as iconic as Newman's two more celebrated releases from that year, "The Long, Hot Summer" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," it's still worth a watch. The movie buzzes with oddball energy — thanks to Newman's performance as Billy the Kid.
Sweet Bird of Youth
In “Sweet Bird of Youth,” Newman plays Chance Wayne, a social-climbing hanger-on (read: escort) who links up with an aging movie star, Alexandra Del Largo, because he thinks it'll do wonders for his career. Newman was rarely more charming or seductive than he was in this film, and his fans shouldn't miss it.
A New Kind Of Love
Newman initially didn't want to make "A New Kind Of Love," but he had to give in to his wife Joanne Woodward's demand. The film is a sex farce that's ridiculously silly and full of regressive ideas on gender roles, but somehow it manages to be funny.
The Prize
"The Prize" allows fans to see Newman bouncing around Stockholm, wise-cracking and wooing women, and being charming while he is at it. He plays a booze-soaked writer named Andrew Craig, who has somehow won the Nobel Prize for literature despite not having released a book in five years.