Kino. Rendezvous nach Ladenschluß, (THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER) USA, 1939 s/w, Regie: Ernst Lubitsch, MARGARET SULLIVAN, JAMES STEWART, Stichwort: Paar, Umarmung. (Photo by FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives via Getty Images)
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10 Underrated Christmas Comedies Worth Watching This Holiday Season
Christmas in Connecticut
Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck) writes about her idyllic Connecticut home and family, but in reality, she is single in New York; her ruse is jeopardized when her boss and a war hero invite themselves to her home for Christmas. The fine balance between romance and comedy and the passionate ending of the film makes "Christmas in Connecticut" unmissable.
Christmas Every Day
Billy Jackson (Erik von Detten) isn't exactly full of the Christmas spirit, but when his sister wishes it was Christmas every day, he is forced to relive it on a loop until he understands the true meaning of the holiday season. There are moments of sweetness and humor, and von Detten brings a wide range of emotions to the role, making it a good holiday watch.
The Christmas List
Melody Parris (Mimi Rogers) is a perfume sales associate at a department store who starts dropping Christmas lists in Santa's mailbox, and surprisingly, her wishes come true. Parris is helpful, talented, and worth rooting for, and it's heartwarming to see her get what she wants out of life in her 30s while her goodness is rewarded.
12 Dates of Christmas
Kate Stanton (Amy Smart) can't get over her ex-boyfriend, but when she gets stuck in a time loop, she learns to let go of him. Reliving Christmas Eve also causes Stanton to notice small details she missed before, help others more readily, and see the people in her life differently — her story is a reminder to pay attention to all the world has to offer.
Desk Set
Bunny Watson (Katharine Hepburn) is the head of the reference department for Federal Broadcasting, whose job is threatened because of Richard Sumner's (Spencer Tracy) invention. Despite the film's age, the well-established chemistry between Hepburn and Tracy helps elevate "Desk Set" above other comedies from the same era.