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10 Underrated Cary Grant Movies That You Should Check Out
Father Goose
One of Grant’s last films before retiring was “Father Goose” a WWII movie that follows Eckland, a man living on a deserted island reporting sightings of Japanese planes. One day, Eckland meets Freneau, a stranded French teacher, and an enemies-to-lovers plot ensues; Grant is his usual smooth-talking, wise-cracking self, in this charming (almost) swan song.
The Grass is Greener
Grant teams up with Deborah Kerr to play Hillary and Victor, an English couple who despite living in a stately home are struggling financially. A love triangle forms when a Texas oil millionaire falls in love with Hillary, and Hillary’s friend Hattie falls in love with Victor. While there are absurd elements, the star-studded cast carries off this film with true authenticity.
After starring together in “Notorious,” Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman meet again in this romance. Grant plays Philip Adams, an economist who begins an affair with Bergman’s Anna, and the chemistry between the two is palpable. The film features beautiful set design, gorgeous costumes, and was the first to use the split screen to depict telephone calls.
“Houseboat” follows the exploits of a widowed father, who ends up moving onto a ramshackle houseboat with his children and their Italian nanny, played by Sophia Loren. While the sexual tension between Grant and Loren may take center stage, the rom-com is also rich with fatherly moments from Grant, and his natural affinity with children is apparent.
Mr. Lucky
“Mr. Lucky” is set in 1940 during the US's pre-WWII conscription efforts. Grant plays Joe Adams, a gangster who assumes a false identity to avoid the draft and steals money from war charities to fund his casino. While Adams eventually gains a conscience, the film follows the hilarious ends to which he will go to get his hands on some cash, like joining a knitting circle.