EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 12:  Scottish comedian and actor Brian Limond aka Limmy attends a photocall during the annual Edinburgh International Book Festival at Charlotte Square Gardens on August 12, 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images)
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10 Underrated British Comedy Series You Need To See
The gist of "Taskmaster" is deceptively simple: Five comedians complete random tasks to earn points and emerge victorious. While this may seem a bit bizarre, seeing how each comedic mind approaches (and usually fails) their assignment is routinely hilarious and joyous.
Stath Lets Flats
Viewers watch perpetually optimistic — yet wholly rubbish letting agent — Stath fumble his way through a number of odd property viewings and life events, eventually delivering some of the most quotable moments in recent British comedy. The show’s genius comes in the 100% useless nature of Stath.
Limmy’s Show
Originally running on BBC Scotland, this sketch show presents skits that regularly involve dark humor, incredibly niche-yet-relatable bugbears, and some truly bizarre, boarding-on-surreal characters and concepts. Many of these have gone on to become memes on social media.
Black Books
Based on the sozzled comedic style of star Dylan Moran, the show frequently segues into the surreal to tell its stories, which are set in a tiny bookshop in the heart of London. Like all good British comedies, its episodes stick in the mind thanks to their delightfully off-kilter hooks and some brilliant recurring gags.
Peep Show
The unusual first-person point of view format crucially lets viewers hear the brutally honest and frequently laugh-out-loud inner monologues of the leading characters, high-strung Mark and his stoner pal Jeremy. While a little jarring at first, viewers are easily swept away by the quality of the show's gags and overall writing.